Notable features

Two notable features of Seifuso

We are planning various projects so that guests can make new discoveries along with the two features. The projects have just started and are incomplete. We would like to hear your opinion. We will feedback your voice as an important treasure.

Feature 1

Inn where you will be given the power of "beauty"

Izumo district is the home of Japanese mythology and Izumo Taisha shrine, which is a landmark in the Izumo area, is said to have a marriage effect. Recent years, we have many people, mainly young women visiting Tamatsukuri Onsen from around the country, including the metropolitan area and the Kansai area.

Tamatsukuri Onsen is a hot spring resort widely known its beautifying effects on skin.

Tamatsukuri Onsen has been awarded the double prize “Onsen Grand Prix 2016” and “the 1st prize in its “Uruhada” (Moisturized Skin) division” and the hot water of Tamatsukuri is said to have the effect of moisturizing lotion.

In addition, we have put agates in the bathtub of the hotel's public bath and may be able to incorporate various powers on the inside. We will carry out various projects in the future as an innovative place to "Beauty" by utilizing the characteristics of Izumo district, Tamatsukuri onsen and our inn.

Current ongoing project

“Izumo Beauty" project
“Walking around in Yukata” project

Feature 2


We would like you to spend time not just passively but intentionally to participate in activities and join in at local events.

Current ongoing project

"Okuizumi Orochi trolley train ride” project
“Mythological village Izumo with a tour guide" project
"Photogenic Izumo" Project
"Shinji Lake Cycling" Project

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