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To experience mythology and matchmaking village "Izumo"

The most popular sites

Tamatsukuri Onsen

First of all, we need to introduce this spot to experience Izumo.

Tamatsukuri onsen won the 1st prize in its “Uruhada” (Moisturized Skin) in all Japan and said to be the best onsen in the area. You can walk in the town and soak in the footbath, enjoy hot-spring table tennis (Japanese pleasure culture). You can take hot spring water which is said to be substitute of lotion in a plastic bottle.

Izumo Taisha

The main deity enshrined at Izumo Taisha is Okuninushi no Okami known as the god of matchmaking. This is one of the most famous shrines all over Japan. God was further upgraded by installation in a new shrine in Hesei period. It seems that you can expect the effect of further association.

Matsue castle tower

Matsue Castle was built in 1611. The castle tower has its own distinctive character and is represented as a building of the modern castle. This castle tower is the fifth example of national treasure. The walls of the castle are mostly black painted woodblocks, also known as Chidori Castle.

Yaegaki Shrine

The gods Susanoo and princess Kususinada are enshrined here. This shrine is dedicated to marriage and matchmaking. The people who come to this shrine often prey for a marriage partner, good material relations, pregnancy and healthy child-bearing. In the shrine’s treasure house is an ancient depiction of the enshrined Princess Inata, painted on Japanese Cyparess. It is believed to be the oldest shrine wall mural in Japan.

Photogenic site, popular posting site on SNS

Sunset of Lake Shinji (Cycling)

The waves are always calm. Beautiful sunset of Lake Shinji shocks me who have even lived in this place for 70 years.

※ Sunset of Lake Shinji.
 I believe you never forget this scenery once you experienced.

Okuizumo Orochi

Okuizumo Orochi is the Trolley train that runs on national holidays from April to November. You can enjoy panoramic scenery of great nature from the trolley

※ Panoramic scenery of great nature
 It’s a switchbacks railway. I would like you to experience this trolley train and scenery from it.

Adachi Museum

The journal of Japanese Gardening in the U.S. ranked the gardens at NO.1 for 14th consecutive years, from 2003 to 2016.

※ World famous the greatest Japanese garden
 The garden through this window is canvas and the window itself is a ‘Living Framed Painting.”

Matsue Horikawa Pleasure Boat

Matsue retains a canal system and townscape with 400 year old character, and this 50 minutes boat tour is the quintessential way to see them. The boatman will tell you about the local history and culture while you enjoy the natural scenery that changes with the seasons.
※ A thrilling moment when passing under the bridge

Inasa no hama Beach

Inasa no Hama beach, by Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine, the second most important shrine of Japan. It is said that all the Shinto deities (Kami) of Japan would gather here once a year in order to discuss people’s fortune for the coming year.

※ A huge rock standing out in the beach, white sandy beach, and a blue sea
 Beautiful place for beautiful weather

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