Hotel Information

Hotel Information

Public Bath -Hot Spring Gentlemen (Tsurugi no yu) / Ladies (Magatama no yu)

Our public bath has been designed and built using agates produced on the premises. Please enjoy Japan’s best beautifying hot spring and the power of the precious agates.

Short stay is available from
11AM to 3 PM
Reservation is required

Guest Rooms

Rooms with a garden view and with a cypress bath are popular. Each room is designed elaborately by former president. Please see guest room page for more information.

Japanese garden

The feature that we are most proud of is the Japanese Garden. Please experience the atmosphere of “Peace and Respect” and “Silence and Quiet” as you see Koi fish swimming sedately in the pond. If you visit us in spring season, beautiful cherry blossoms welcome you. If you have an opportunity, we strongly recommend you to read books and enjoy sake with the view of the garden in open windows.

For reading books or drinking by the window is recommended


The first place you will be guided is the lobby. Please enjoy the welcome green tea while checking-in. You may also see potteries and paintings collected by the master.

Banquet Room

3 different types of banquet rooms are available to accommodate both small and large groups up to 60 guests.

Tamatsukuri1183-1 Tamayucho Matsue-City Shimane
Tel. 0852-62-0031