What is Seifuso?

What is Seifuso?

Thank you very much for visiting our homepage. Seifuso is a small inn that features a nostalgic space past 50 years after setting up in Tamatsukuri Onsen resorts, widely known for its beautifying effects on skin.

Our two concepts are one, to experience an onsen that won the grand prize in the Onsen Grand Prix 2016, two to experience the home of the Japanese mythology “Izumo”.

It is an inn that you can slowly soak in the hot spring of the latest Japan's grand prize winner and smack your lips over local ingredients, spend your time relaxingly in a quiet environment. You will see no clocks in guest rooms and all room attendees will assist you from a distance to respect your quality time while at our facility.

It is not a luxury hotel with famous designer’s furnitures nor detailed services. You may think it is nostalgic or maybe it’s a bit old-fashioned.

Master (I) and room attendants, cooks, facility managers are all local countryside folks. We may not be able to do sophisticated hospitality services like the city. We can only do our utmost to let our guests stay at Seifuso, Tamatsukuri Onsen and Izumo as joyful time.

It is our goal to better the facility day by day as we adapt to the change of time as we retain the good old traditions.

In recent years, many Japanese Inns have changed their dinner style to buffet or organized dining for the better productivity of employees. We would like to keep with the traditional style of “Heya-syoku”and serve meals to each guest room. Seifuso is the only Inn in Tamatsukuri to do so.

At the same time we also believe that we need to understand and prepare the comfort that the customer desires. Free WI-FI service is available anywhere in the hotel.

We have started preparing for foreigners and young ladies getting more and more to visit here recently for benefit of beauty skin of Tamatsukuri and the deity of marriage of Izumo to stay more convienient.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Daisaku Nakada, Seifuso Master

Tamatsukuri1183-1 Tamayucho Matsue-City Shimane
Tel. 0852-62-0031