Please enjoy the local ingredients from mountains and sea in the area.

We use various local marine products from the Sea of Japan, Nakaumi and Lake Shinji, of fishing grounds with different seawater concentrations, and Shimane beef and Totoriko pig from fertile soil.

Izumo district is famous for Izumo soba and Izumo tea, Matsue sweets, sake, wine. Izumo can be said to be a treasure trove of food.

Chef Endo who has practiced at a number of Japanese cuisines specialty restaurants dishes up mainly of such Izumo ingredients.

We hope these are to your liking.

Local ingredients we serve

Rock Oyster of Oki

From the highest fishing ground Oki. In a beautiful sea at a depth of about 5 m, they were only picked a limited amount in summer. In 1992, farming was succeeded in Oki Island in earliest in Japan. Currently, stable shipping is possible throughout the year. You can enjoy oyster’s delicate, toothy texture, rich flavor, and salty liquor.

White Squid of Oki

Oki is proud of its excellent seafood and Squid of Oki is very popular and sold at luxury supermarkets in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Elegant sweetness is so called as King of squid. We quickly focused on Oki's white squid and built our own purchasing route. Throughout the year you can eat Oki’s white squid here. We serves body for Sashimi and legs for grilled.

Shijimi Clam of Lake Shinjiko

Shinjiko is located in the eastern part of Shimane Pref. Shijimi clams are growing only in the brackish water. Shijimi clams of Lake Shinjiko are delicious because salt concentration and dissolved oxygen content of Lake Shinji changes from day to day due to various factors such as tide fullness and rainfall. In order to respond to this environmental change, a blotch breaks down the glycogen in the body and amino acids increase. We serve miso soup and also used as an ingredient in Tsukudani (simmered in soy sauce and mirin and eaten on top of rice)

Shimane Wagyu Beef

Currently, about 2,300 meat cattle farmers in Shimane pref. keep cows with great affection and care. Shimane’s farmers used to gain income by selling calves. However, in recent years, fattening within the prefecture has been actively carried out to respond to consumers' needs for safe and tasty domestic beef. We serve fillet steak of Shimane Wagyu beef with a warranty letter.

Totoriko pork

Totoriko pork which is called Japanese Iberico pork is produced by farmers at the foot of Mt. Daisen. Production volume of pig is only about 100 per year. We serve this valuable Totoriko pork as Shabu Shabu. Please enjoy the harmony of sweet fat and a savory meat.

Seifuso dinner menu


A cuisine using careful selection of Izumo ingredients and needless to say the ingredients, Chief Endo will make his best for that you can enjoy with your eyes.


We would like every guest to have at least these dishes. Serve reasonable quality and quantity.

Fillet Steak of Shimane Wagyu Beef

We serve fillet steak of the best Shimane Wagyu beef with a warranty letter. It comes with a hot plate for keeping meat hot. Please enjoy that savoy meat itself.

Shabu shabu of Totorico Pork

We serve this valuable Totoriko pork as Shabu Shabu coming with two sauces, citrus soy sauce and sesame sauce. Please enjoy the harmony of sweet fat and a savory meat.

Rock oyster and White Squid of Oki

The two branding seafood Rock oyster and White Squid, we serve those two popular ingredients with one meal. Please enjoy oyster’s delicate, toothy texture, and white squid’s tighten and sweet taste.


Fresh grilled fish and the local famous Sijimi clam Miso soup, our breakfast is good for starting a new travel day.

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